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Update - 4 cities needs to include the below Foothill option for I280 under-crossing  updated Nov 22 2020  


Below is a missed option for Stevens Creek trail to cross I 280.   Since many efforts originally concentrated on other routes first, this option was undiscovered till late in the process.  The 4 cities need to add these set of options along side of Foothill to the possible routes for Steven Creek trail.  This short class 1 trail segment (suitable for all ages of joggers, skaters, walker and younger cyclists), would have no effect on existing bike lanes on high speed Foothill Expressway which is suitable for more advanced cyclists.   Please note two different options presented South of I280, Underpass under Foothill and at bottom of this page the most recent addition, the most economical Class1 crossing possible, route to Cristo Rey Drive.   The last route to Cristo Rey Drive again is 100% on public land, requires no bridges or tunnels to be built.   


This website keep growing in response to comments or clarifications need.  If your screen is too narrow, use slide bar at bottom, or if on IOS device, use your finger on each picture to drag image to left.  Sorry this is limitation of host site.




Below is one option to connect to Homestead using bike path on side.  Other option is simply bike signaled crossings into existing bike lanes with green lanes crossing Foothill.


Two options south of 280.

1. Cross under Foothill on Caltrans right away extending on Southern side of sound wall.    The cross on pedestrian bridge well above rail tracks to Baxter.  Caltrans property extends to the chain link fence seen in photo between the sound wall and tracks.  Plenty of space for trail and bridge footing for a quarter of mile if desired on Caltrans property just outside the sound wall.   [This means that options exist for this route to connect to Groveland Drive and Stokes Ave]  (BTW, its illegal per federal rules to put a trail on rail right-away property, but ok to cross)   Visually clearance looks to be over 24' required for rail road crossing above tracks at Baxter.    Scale of yellow circle is exactly same as photo of SCT El Camino undercrossing shown 2nd photo below.

2. Other option is after crossing under 280 instead of crossing under foothill head west just north of Rail road tracks to Cristo Del Ray on Water district land,  This will be very cheap to do, but puts the connection just  few feet outside study area on Cristo Del Ray.  


Steven Creek Trail  El Camino Real under-crossing shown at exactly same scale for comparison.  This verifies that ADA slope and space is no issue for Foothill underpass.



This photo shows huge space under 280 at Foothill.  The slope can be easily replaced by a steeper wall to make space for a Class I undercrossing at Foothill.


Example of class I modification desired for Foothill under I 280 at Hickey Ave in Daly City.



Following 3 images show route of trail if Cristo Rey connection is chosen south of I280.  This is very inexpensive as no tunnels, Bridges or complex structures need to be built.   Just level, small dirt retaining walls, and pave. Note Train track rightaway is only 40 feet wide in this area, meaning easy generous clearance is available under Caltrans I280 bridges on Caltrans property.  


All land is public land or SCVWD land.  







Alternate View of Foothill I280 interchange with proposed trail routing



Plat map showing the 40 foot wide Rail right-away the class1 trail must stay out of.  Looking at images above

and Bing maps online one can see that plenty of space of trail is availible without going onto Rail rightaway

even under Caltrans bridges.




Images courtesy of Google, Bing, and owner under fair use.


See "Our Dream of Living Streams"



and Stevens Creek Trail Possibility in Sunnyvale



      "Our Dream of Living Streams"                        Stevens Creek Trail Possibility in Sunnyvale

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